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Customized Bracelet Stack with Initials

Letter Color
  • The perfect bracelet stack to celebrate your engagement! Choose between gold and silver accents to match your ring. Each stack comes with 3 bracelets: 

    1: Choose between "Bride" or "Engaged" 
    1: The initials of you & your partner 
    1: Accent bracelet silver or gold


    STUNNING Photo by @jennabolio


    Product Specifications

    - Elastic stretch bracelet approximately 7 inches in circumference. If you would like a larger or smaller size, no problem, email us!

    - Hand-crafted with premium glass seed beads 

    - Due to customization, exact colors & patterns may vary slightly from the picture

    - To keep bracelets looking bright, we don't recommend getting them wet

    - Please allow 48 hours for processing time.

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