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Our Story

We carefully curate a selection of fun, unique and  high-quality items that are perfect to celebrate an engagement! We make sure everything can be easily shipped so you can be part of the celebration regardless of distance.


We prioritize sourcing our products from fellow small businesses, minority and female owned companies. We believe in supporting each other all day every day.

We proudly celebrate the married to be & the one who got on one knee by supporting everyone who has found love as proud supporters of the LGBTQ+ community.

Meet The Founder

Courtney Bradley unexpectedly started working as a bridal consultant in college. She was picking up a color swatch for a friend and left with a job. She fell in love with helping brides feel their best and seeing them excited to begin their lives with their other half.


While Courtney earned her MBA, the desire to start her own business grew. As friends and family got engaged, she saw how meaningful that moment was, not only to each other, but to their loved ones. She saw a need for a central space for high quality gifts so everyone can join in on the celebration.

It is her hope that The Engagement Studio will bring happiness and excitement to the couple that said "YES" and to everyone who's excited for their forever! 

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