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Indulge in the delicate beauty of our corsage collection, where each selection promises to enhance your prom night ensemble with elegance and flair. Choose from a captivating array of red, white, or pink roses, each meticulously chosen for their dainty blooms and enchanting fragrance.


Personalize your corsage further by selecting the ribbon color that perfectly complements your style and attire. Whether you lean towards the classic sophistication of black, the romantic allure of red, or the radiant charm of gold, there's a ribbon hue to suit your individual taste and make your corsage truly your own.


*All sales are final due to the perishable and custom nature of the product. 

Wrist Corsage

Rose Color
Ribbon Color
  • Please select from the ribbon colors above. We encourage you to send a picture of your attire to so we can select the most complementary option. If you have any questions or do not see the color you are looking for, please feel welcomed to email us! 

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